• Victron Multiplus 2
    Victron Multiplus 2

    One of the latest additions to the vast Victron product line is the Multiplus 2. This is a grid capable inverter/charger, based on the classic Multipus off-grid design. The Multiplus 2 allows you to add a battery to your existing solar system. This is great to store excess solar energy and also protects you from blackouts, with a lightning-fast changeover from the grid to backup.

    This inverter comes in 3kW and 5kW. It’s also scalable for larger systems and works with all sorts of battery types. All in all, this is a great, very versatile piece of kit, whether you’re on-grid or off-grid.

  • Fronius inverter
    Fronius inverter

    We wanted to offer inverters to our customers that are of the highest quality, has great support in New Zealand, and will last for the life of the solar system. We didn’t have to look much further than the Fronius snap inverter series.

    Fronius inverters are Austrian made and of the highest quality. Fronius put them through years of rigorous testing before letting us install them on your house or building. This testing pay’s off, as Fronius inverters have one of the lowest failure rates on the market and the best reputation.

    Fronius has a higher price point than many of the entry-level inverters available. We feel our customers would rather spend more upfront now on a quality piece of kit, than pay twice for an entry-level inverter, that will likely fail a few years down the track. By using Fronius, we know we can maintain a great reputation for quality work and quality products, way into the future.

    Solar.Web, Fronius online solar monitoring platform knocks the socks off other platforms. With real-time solar production and energy consumption monitoring, you know exactly what’s going on in your house and when.