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We're here to help with your solar questions.

With expert knowledge in mind, we’ve created the Solar Knowledge Hub. It is here we explore the benefits of solar power, how solar systems work, renewable energy innovations such as electric vehicles, off-grid tips, the latest solar energy news from around the world and the ways in which it affects our local community.

Take a look around and check back regularly – we’re always trying to help spread the word, so there’s regularly something new posted here.

  • What's in the election for renewable energy?
    What's in the election for renewable energy?
    With the election only a month away I’m sure we are all having plenty of conversations about the future of New Zealand. We’ve not been shy about our opinion on the importance of electrification and renewable energy for New Zealand’s future, and if you’re anything like us, knowing what each party ... Read more
  • Top 3 reasons to get solar
    Top 3 reasons to get solar
    After years of installation experience, we’ve found there are three main reasons why people get solar.    1. To reduce your energy bills Tired of watching your power bills get higher and higher? Installing solar can help! Solar saves you money by allowing you to produce your own electricity in the home. Any solar ... Read more
  • What size solar system do I need?
    What size solar system do I need?
    Understanding Solar System Sizing Before we dive in, it’s important to understand how the size of a solar system is measured. When we talk about the size of a solar system, we’re referring to its solar PV ‘Peak Output’ which we measure in kilowatts. A Watt is the basic measure of electrical ... Read more
  • 8 ways to optimise your solar
    8 ways to optimise your solar
    As we head into Spring and enjoy longer days, it’s a good time to check you are getting the most out of your solar system and ensure it is performing at its peak. Check out these eight super simple tips to crank up your solar savings! 1. Use timers so your appliances ... Read more
  • How long do solar panels last?
    How long do solar panels last?
    How long solar panels will last is an important factor to understand when considering solar, and we know there are a lot of myths out there. As solar panels have no moving parts, there is very little that can ‘fail’. This means solar panels can last for decades with minimal maintenance. ... Read more
  • Solar Warranties 101
    Solar Warranties 101
    Solar Warranties 101 – What they cover and what to consider Investing in a solar system is a smart decision, but it’s important to make sure your investment is protected with the right warranty. Each component of your system should come with its own warranty. Let’s explore the different warranties and ... Read more
  • Case Study: The Dunlop Hub
    Case Study: The Dunlop Hub
      Wanaka is home to the first certified Passive House office building in New Zealand – one of just five worldwide. The Dunlop Builders Hub is a beautiful blend of sustainable design and elegant architecture,  and the office space has achieved Passive House Plus certification. The certification signifies that the building not only ... Read more
  • What is the Tesla Gateway?
    What is the Tesla Gateway?
    A standard Tesla Powerwall setup has two components, the Powerwall itself, which houses the battery cells and battery inverter, and the Backup Gateway. The Gateway is the hub of your system. Tesla has designed the system to be highly flexible, allowing for many location options for component placement. The Tesla Gateway serves ... Read more
  • Micro-inverters vs string inverters
    Micro-inverters vs string inverters
    When it comes to choosing the right inverter for your solar system, the question of whether micro-inverters are better often arises. Usually, our answer is no, here’s why: Difference between micro-inverters and string inverters Firstly, you need to understand the difference between a micro-inverter and a string inverter.  A string inverter is a ... Read more
  • What is AC and DC Coupling?
    What is AC and DC Coupling?
    There are two main architectures for battery systems: AC and DC coupling. DC coupling refers to both the battery and solar connecting to a single inverter. Solar and the battery need to pass through the inverter in order to power electrical loads. Therefore the power you have available is limited by ... Read more