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Were here to help with you solar questions.

With expert knowledge in mind, we’ve created the Solar Knowledge Hub. It is here we explore the benefits of solar power, how solar systems work, renewable energy innovations such as electric vehicles, off-grid tips, the latest solar energy news from around the world and the ways in which it affects our local community.

Take a look around and check back regularly – we’re always trying to help spread the word, so there’s regularly something new posted here.

  • What are the best inverters?
    What are the best inverters?


    The solar inverter works hard to A solar inverter is at the heart of a solar system. convert DC electricity from solar panels into AC electricity that we can use in our homes. The better quality an inverter is the longer it will last. If you buy ... Read more

  • 6 amazing solar energy facts you probably didn’t know!
    6 amazing solar energy facts you probably didn’t know!


    1 – Every hour almost 100,000 solar panels are installed worldwide.

    According to the World Economic Forum, the demand for solar panel installations is booming. Solar power companies install 1000 football fields worth of solar panels every day worldwide.


    2 – Air Pollution is holding Solar power back.

    Solar ... Read more