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Quality solar for a brighter future

Reduce your energy bills and get on the path to self-sufficiency by producing clean renewable energy.

Tesla energy reseller

Wanaka Solar design and install grid-tied solar, battery and off-grid solar systems

Through transparent advice we tailor the ideal solar system for your needs.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality systems at an affordable price, with great customer care.

We do this to help you transition to a low carbon future.

Reduce your energy bills
Reduce your energy bills
Save on average $1,500 per year and sell any excess power to the grid.
Be self-sufficient
Be self-sufficient
Invest in your future energy security to gain freedom and independence.
Create clean energy
Create clean energy
Solar panels generate clean, renewable energy for our future.

How can we help you?

Wanaka Solar will ensure you will receive a superior solar design, installation and ongoing support

If you are looking for solar panels, batteries, EV charging or off grid. We will be the perfect partner to guide you through the process and ensure you get the best outcome for your project

We care about you and we care about solar!

How a solar system works

Hover over the image below for the key features your solar system will have

Solar panels

Solar panels are usually mounted on the roof. Sunlight hits solar cells, where its energy is converted into DC electrical energy.
More info.


The inverter converts solar generated DC electricity into AC that can be used in the household. The inverter also monitors your solar system to ensure it performs as its best. More info.


Energy flows through your home's switchboard and is distributed to your appliances accordingly.


The energy your solar system produces will always be used first. If you produce more than you need, surplus is sold back to the grid automatically.

Energy storage

A solar system can be expanded with a battery. Batteries store surplus energy to be used at night or through power cuts.
More info.


Your solar system can come with on line monitoring software so you can use an app or web to monitor your production and usage in real-time.

Knowledge hub

Here at Wanaka Solar we want to help you understand solar energy

That’s why we have come up with some short snippets, explaining the ins and outs of the solar world

Check them out below and feel free to contact us if you want to learn more


Work with Tesla certified installers

Wanaka Solar is delighted to bring the Tesla Powerwall to you

We are one of the few New Zealand companies to be carefully selected to partner with Tesla

Tesla and Wanaka Solar’s high standards mean you will have a long lasting, high quality and effective battery solution

Your road to solar

Hover over the image below to discover the simple steps on your solar journey

Contact Us

Call or email our friendly team for an initial chat. We'll ask a few questions and when you're ready book a time to survey your home.


One of our solar experts will visit your property to discuss any specific requirements. We'll look at property characteristics like size, aspect and backup requirements then complete comprehensive modelling to ensure we optimise the design of your system.


Working collaboratively with you, we'll design and quote a system engineered towards your specific needs. In around one week from your survey, we'll provide you with a tailored solar proposal containing all the information you need to make an informed choice.


Once you've decided to go ahead, place your order by signing the proposal and making a deposit payment.


We will apply for district network approval (DNO) for your chosen system size. We will also notify your current electricity supplier that your will be installing solar.It usually takes a month to receive both these approvals.


We don't leave you there, each installation comes with a five year workmanship warranty and we continue to offer full technical support for the lifetime of the system.

Switch On

Your solar system is live and generating your very own clean solar power!

Commissioning and Meter Change

Finally, all solar systems must be independently inspected . We will arrange an inspection to visit your property, sign off the installation and install your new import/export meter.


Our team of friendly engineers will install your new solar system ensuring as little disturbance to you as possible. Most domestic solar systems are installed in two to three days.

Fill in the form below and one of our designers will be in touch within 48 hours, to discuss your solar project.

Book a time for one of our expert team to conduct a survey
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