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Case Study: A ground mount challenge

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The system


34 x REC Alpha 405W All Black panels


Tesla Powerwall 2 13.5kWh


2 x Fronius Gen24 6kW inverters

The install

Every install has its challenges, but this one really tested the full skillset of our installers.

Most installations are roof mounted systems, but occasionally ground mounted systems are required such as this one for Robert and Wendy. 

Constructing a ground mount on a sloping hill meant our installers (electricians, not builders) had to pull out their best carpenter hats for a few days. Set amongst 1.5 metre tall tussocks, our team then had to put on their gardener gloves and remove 61sq metres of tussocks.

Then came the trenching – our team had to dig A LOT of trenches while trying to dodge irrigation pipes and perimeter wires for the robot lawnmower. At certain points, we couldn’t dig the required 600mm down so after laying the cables and backfilling, the team put their concreting skills to the test, topping the trench with concrete for safety.  Since it is DC cable, it had to be in conduit – a 100 metre run.

There was a lot of sweat and blisters before we even got to installing the panels!

The next challenge came when delivering the panels, the closest we could get was in front of the ground mount on the other side of a deer fence – so every panel had to be passed up and over the deer fence.

Needless to say, this install proved rather tricky but the team persevered and the finished result is well worth the hard work.

When Robert and Wendy first approached us about solar for their property they were looking to do their bit for the environment, eliminate paying high prices from electricity providers, and add value to the house. So how have they found it so far?

We were very impressed by the way Wanaka Solar got on with the installation, without any disruption.

Wanaka Solar installed our solar panel system with total dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm. Their passion for renewable energy and keenness to share information about it is admirable. We highly recommend the team at Wanaka Solar.

– Robert and Wendy, Wanaka.

The results

Expected power production: 17,901kWh

Expected power bill savings: $5,226 per year

Projected carbon footprint reduction: 1969 kg of CO2 per year

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