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Tesla Powerwall 2 / 13.5kW

The Powerwall boasts a huge 13.5kWh (units on your electricity bill) of storage. This should keep you going through the night. It will provide backup power in the event of a grid outage, with changeover so fast the lights will barely flicker. This is perfect for backing up lights, power, fridges and freezers. While the grid is out, the Powerwall will keep your solar up and running to charge the battery, essentially getting you off the grid.

The monitoring platform is exactly what you would expect from Tesla. Neat, sleek and great to use. You will see how much solar you are generating, how much power you are using, what’s going in and out of the battery and what’s coming from the grid(if any). The platform will also show historical power data, with easy to read graphs.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 can be added to any existing or new solar system. It is a great addition if you have installed solar in the last few years and think now its time to add a battery.Tesla Powerwall 2