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How much am I paid for exporting solar power?


Solar power buy-back rates are the price per unit at which energy retailers pay for excess/exported solar power. 

When solar panels are installed on a property an import/export meter is installed upon completion and commissioning of the system. The meter is changed by a local independent inspector (we organise this on your behalf and is included in the price of the system).

The import/export meter measures ‘surplus energy’: for example, whatever power is exported to the grid, after your demand is met from the solar power generated. Most import/export meters are smart meters. The export energy is credited to your monthly invoice at the generation rate in cents per kWh (kilo Watt hour).

You can still shop around and change energy retailers throughout the lifetime of your solar system. We recommend you don’t change energy retailers before installing solar as the paperwork can delay the time it takes to commission and turn on your solar system.

Table of ‘buy back’ rates from the most popular energy retailers. (Oct 2020)

        Ecotricity           $0.10
         Genesis           $0.12
     Trust Power           $0.07
       Meridian           $0.08
       Mercury           $0.08
   Contact Energy           $0.08
      Powershop           $0.09
     Electric Kiwi            N/A
     Flick Electric            TBC


It’s worth checking back here, as energy retailers change there ‘buy back’ rate regularly.

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