Are batteries worthwhile with solar?


Batteries are a great partner to solar energy system. Batteries can store excess energy produced by your solar system and also provide back up power during an outage. 

By adding batteries to your solar system, the battery replaces the grid:

  • When solar power is being produced it will supply your home appliances requiring electricity.
  • If the solar power amount is less than what your appliances require, then the rest will be pulled from the battery. If the battery is empty or cannot supply the full load then the rest will still be pulled from the grid as a last resort.
  • If more solar power is being produced than your appliances need, then the excess will be stored in the battery. If the battery is full then the excess power will go to the grid as a last resort.

By adding batteries to a solar system you making yourself much more self-sufficient. More of the electricity in your home will come from the sun. Batteries will allow you to have back up power in a power cut. Our high-end systems will switch you over from grid power to battery power in a split second, you won’t even notice the grid is out.

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