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What maintenance is required for a solar system?

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Solar panels have no moving parts, so require very little maintenance. By choosing the best quality parts and using the best installation practices, we can ensure customers are completely confident in their performance of their solar system. To ensure you receive the best return on investment, we have a few tips to make your solar panels continue to perform at there best. 

Periodic Maintenance

Your system will continue to operate without intervention throughout its lifespan.
Cleaning is recommended to ensure that your are generating the most energy. On a sloping array, panels will be cleaned by the rain as the glass on the panels are self-cleaning. However, if your panels are in an area of high debris or pollution, we recommend that your panels should be manually cleaned every year or two.

  • Use a soft brush and water to avoid scratching the modules.
  • The system does not need to be shutdown to clean as it is IP rated.
  • Do not clean PV modules with cool water during hot sunny days. Cleaning in the morning or evening is advised

Visual Inspecting

Upon completion of any solar panel installation you will receive a handover document with a detailed description of the installed system. It will also have a visual inspection schedule. A typical maintenance schedule is outlined below and should be completed twice a year.

  • Visual check of any defects on solar array, such as moisture, corrosion or cracking. 
  • No shading of the array from surrounding vegetation is occurring.
  • Visual check of the cleanliness of area, checking no debris build up on and under the solar modules. 

Professional Maintenance

We recommend a professional inspection every 5 years. This should only be performed by a competent solar installer. A typical professional maintenance schedule is outlined below .

  • Check and test the performance and safety of all electrical wiring.
  • Inspect the safety and structural condition of the solar panels and mounting frames.
  • Ensure all protective devices including isolators are working and operational.

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