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What are the best inverters?

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A solar inverter is at the heart of a solar system. The solar inverter works hard to convert DC electricity from solar panels into AC electricity that we can use in our homes. The better quality an inverter is the longer it will last. If you buy a low-quality inverter, you will usually buy twice.

Although it’s true with any part of the solar system ‘you get what you pay for’ is so true of inverters. It’s been known in the solar world for a while that the highest quality inverters generally come out of Europe. The very top end inverter brands are Fronius and SMA.

Fronius and SMA have been neck and neck as being the top inverter brand for the last 15 years. No other manufacturer has come close to taking the spot. Both brands offer high-quality inverters that will last a long time, have excellent warranties and offer great support.

At Wanaka Solar, we only want to offer the best and that’s why we only use high-end inverters. This means the system can cost more than with a cheap inverter. But over the life of the system, this extra cost at first is a small price to pay, compared to replacing an inverter, the time wasted in doing so as well as lost solar generation.

Using quality has worked for us so far, so we will continue to do so.


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