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Solar energy Wanaka

Solar PV

In recent years Solar PV has become more economically viable due to the rapidly falling price of silicon modules. We use our experience in renewable energy and computer software to design a system to fit your electricity demands. Be it to cover your whole electricity demand in an off grid system, or to cover daytime electricity usage in your home. It is an exciting time in the Solar world, with many new emerging technologies becoming available. Such as thin film Modules and new age inverter designs. At Wanaka Solar we are in touch with these changing technologies. View our blog to learn about new releases. Or talk to us today for more information.

Solar battery storage

Solar Battery Storage

To get the most out of your solar system, it vital that most of the energy generated is put to use as opposed to exporting it. This is due to electricity retailers offering less for exported electricity over recent years. Recently home solar battery storage solutions are emerging. Allowing people to store there excess electricity generated and use it during hours of no sunlight. We offer a number of different solar storage solutions at Wanaka Solar. 

Energy profiling - solar power in NZ

Energy Profiling

A great thing to when you are thinking about solar is to find out when and where you are using your electricity. This can help determine what size system will be best. For example, you may find half your electricity is used at night, which would mean a smaller solar system needed to cover daytime usage, or adding batteries to the mix to store the excess energy generated for nighttime usage. We can install a small device to monitor your energy usage. You can then view your real-time usage online. All usage data will be stored and interpreted into graphs. This energy profile is then used to calculate the optimum Solar system.