Wanaka Solar is Otago’s Premier Solar Panel Services and Electrical Services Company

Founder Dean Dunning was working as an Electrician in New Zealand when he started studying the ‘New Zealand certificate in Renewable Technology’.

The subject got him thinking of ways of incorporating his environmental and renewable energy interests with his trade as an electrician. One of the major things he noticed was how many solar systems installed on roofs, are installed at the same angle as the roof. This works fine if the roof has the correct pitch. Flat roofs in New Zealand don’t work very well with this typical solar installation. If the panel inclination is incorrect for the latitude the output of the panels in certain seasons is greatly reduced. Dean set about remedying this common issue.

Dean felt a growing concern with systems not being installed to their full potential. Solar PV was still quite new in New Zealand and Dean felt that the technology might receive undeserved bad press.

This gave him the idea of starting ‘Wanaka Solar’, a company based around the Wanaka and Queenstown areas with the intention of designing and installing renewable energy systems to their full potential, working to give renewable energy the reputation it deserves.

Solar PV is an amazing way to generate electricity and it is still relatively new in New Zealand. Our goal is to have solar PV installed in every home in Wanaka, Queenstown, and Otago. Solar energy is the future. We want to be part of it.